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Hearing Aids

Living with a hearing loss means going through life with a wall between you and your loved ones. Untreated hearing loss can be difficult for you and everyone around you. But getting the help you need doesn’t have to be difficult.

Hearing Tests

A hearing test provides an evaluation of the sensitivity of a person’s sense of hearing.  An evaluation of your hearing may include listening to pure tone beeping sounds and or a series of words. 


Tinnitus is not something that you have to “live with” or “just get used to.” While there is no known cure, there are ways to manage tinnitus and provide some relief to those who suffer with it. 

Tinnitus Consultations

There are over 50 million people in the United States that suffer from some form/degree of tinnitus. While there is no known cure, there are ways to manage tinnitus and provide some relief to those who suffer with it. We offer a comprehensive evaluation for tinnitus. During this 2-hour appointment, we perform a complete hearing test, inner and middle ear testing, tinnitus testing, a complete case history, education and counseling. Together, we work with patients to determine the best course of action. Management can include hearing devices, sound therapies, online tinnitus retraining programs, habituation training programs or just education. We will listen to you and learn about you and determine the most appropriate treatment for your individual and unique needs. Insurance companies will sometimes pick up some of the cost for a tinnitus consultation. Each individual plan of coverage is different so it is best if you contact your insurance company to find out what/if they cover.

Scientific Verification using Real Ear Measures

Real Ear Measurement is the measurement of sound pressure level in a patient’s ear canal developed when a hearing aid is worn. It is measured with the use of a small probe tube inserted into the canal connected to a microphone outside the ear and is done to verify that the hearing aid is providing suitable amplification for a patient’s hearing loss.

We perform Real Ear Measures on all of our hearing aid fittings to ensure appropriate outcomes for your hearing needs. Every hearing aid fitting is as unique as the person wearing the devices, so we make sure we provide you with optimal results.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) recommend real ear measures as the preferred method of verifying the performance of hearing aids. Used by Audiologists in the process of hearing aid fitting,real ear measures are the most reliable and efficient method for assessing the benefit provided by the amplification. Measurement of the sound level in the ear canal allows the clinician to make informed judgments on audibility of sound in the ear and the effectiveness of the hearing aid treatment.
Definition taken from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Comprehensive Personalized Hearing Aid Assessments

If you are a current hearing aid user and wonder if your current devices are working optimally for your hearing needs, then this service is for you! We perform a complete evaluation of your current hearing aids (depending on make/model/age of the devices) to make sure they are appropriate for your hearing needs. This requires a recent hearing test. (If you have one that is less than 6 months old, you need to bring it with you to your evalution. If not, we will need to do a hearing test which will incur additional fees). This 90-minute evaluation includes the following:

  • Video-Otoscopic Examination: a visual look at your ear canals and eardrum
  • Hearing aid check/cleaning (to make sure your hearing aids are functioning properly)
  • Comprehensive Speech-in-Noise Testing (to find out how well your brain can process speech in the presence of background noise)
  • Tolerance testing
  • Real Ear Measures (REM* to read more about REM, please see the “Scientific Verification” section below)
  • The cost for this evaluation is $180.00 which is not covered by insurance.
*REM is a scientific and objective evidence based way to fit hearing aids. It measures the response of the hearing aids inside of the ear canal to make sure that the appropriate prescriptive targets are reached. This provides optimum benefit from the hearing aids. The American Academy of Audiology recommends the use of REM as best practice measures and appropriate patient care.

Hidden Hearing Loss

Hidden Hearing Loss is a term used when audiological testing reveals hearing that is essentially normal, but there is noted outer hair cell damage. This is also known as “Auditory Synaptopathy.” This can be caused by acoustic trauma to the inner ear which results in damage to the synapses between the inner hair cell and the auditory neuron. Often times, this manifests itself as a normal or near normal hearing evaluation, but difficulty understanding speech, especially when in the presence of background noise. This permanent disruption of the cochlear neurons is often times seen with younger individuals, or those with a history of excessive noise exposure (such as loud music, power tools, machines, firearm usage, etc). The damage to the cochlea often times will continue to spread and can result in decreased hearing over time. Recent studies have found that instead of outer hair cells, the synapses between inner hair cells and auditory nerve fibers, especially low spontaneous rate nerve fibers, are most vulnerable to the effects of noise, aging, and ototoxic medication. The damage of synapses will cause sound-coding deficits in temporal(timing) and intensity processing leading to perceptual hearing difficulties,such as difficulty hearing in noise, tinnitus, hyperacusis, etc.

Hearing Aid Repair Services

Hearing aids are electronic devices that live in less than ideal environments all day, every day: our ear canals are hot and moist and have ear wax and dry skin. As a result, sometimes hearing aids will malfunction and need to be repaired. If you are having a problem with your hearing aid, we will clean/check your devices for you. Sometimes the device can be fixed in the office, and other times, it might need to be sent out for repair. In warranty hearing aids can be repaired at no cost. Out of warranty hearing aids will incur a fee, depending on the age/make/model of the device. Call the office for further information and pricing details.

Hearing Loss & Heart Disease

Research has shown a link between low frequency sensory hearing loss and arterial disease. This type of hearing loss could possibly indicate the presence of or the potential risk for development of cardiovascular disease. This possibility is most likely due to the extreme sensitivity of the auditory system to changes in blood flow or an inadequate blood supply.

Hearing Loss & Diabetes

Hearing loss is twice as common in people who have diabetes as it is in people of the same age who don’t. According to the American Diabetes Association, even people with pre-diabetes (blood sugar levels higher than normal but not high enough yet to have type 2 diabetes) have a 30% higher rate of hearing loss than people with normal blood sugar levels. We a therefore diligent in doing follow up hearing tests at least every 12 – 18 months to monitor for any changes in auditory status when someone has diabetes.

5 Keys Aural Rehabilitation

Oconee Audiology is pleased to include the 5Keys Aural Rehabilitation program with all new hearing aid purchases*. As a patient of our clinic, your hearing health is our primary concern. Effective communicatoin skills are crucial to improving your quality of life. This fantastic program is designed to help you overcome the frustrations associated with hearing issues. It is an aural rehabilitation program designed for people with hearing issues and their communication partners. It teaches comprehensive communication strategies using methods that are easy to understand and incorporate into your daily life. The program can also be purchased for $75.00.

Other Services

Assistive Listening Technology

When considering a treatment plan for hearing issues, there are many things that need to be considered. Any one treatment is a “pie piece”, it is not the “entire pie.” No one item or device can take care of all hearing issues or solve all hearing problems. The more “pie pieces” that are in place, the better the performance and the outcomes will be. Therefore, Oconee Audiology offers a wide array of assistive devices to enhance the listening experience. Such devices can include Remote Microphones, TV Streamers, ROGER FM listening system, Smartphone APPS, etc. Meet with one of our knowledgeable staff to discuss options and to find out if there is an assistive device that might be able to further improve your listening experience and your quality of life.

Custom Ear Plugs/Noise Protection

Noise induced hearing loss is preventable. Exposure to loud noise can be very detrimental to the health of our ears. The tiny delicate hair cells of the inner ear can be easily damaged or destroyed with prolonged noise exposure, or a sudden loud burst of noise. This can lead to hearing loss and annoying tinnitus. Additionally, some people are more susceptible to ear infections and need to prevent a large amount of moisture from entering the ear canals. That’s why it is SO important to protect our ears. We offer a variety of custom products for hunters, musicians, swimmers, or anyone who works around a lot of noise. A custom fit provides increased comfort and improved protection. Call to schedule an appointment!

“I just purchased my second set of hearing aids and I couldn’t be happier. the choice of modes makes wearing them a pleasure. I can now ask my wife to turn down the TV.”

J. Poole

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