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Exceptional Technology. Extraordinary Care.

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Rather than trying to appeal to the masses, we prefer to develop long-term, one-on-one relationships.  We provide personal care to each of our patients, stressing prevention, and help them to avoid problems before they occur. That’s why our patients return to us regularly.

Years in the Business

Dr. Greb has been helping those with hearing difficulties for more than 29 years.

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We’ve built our reputation and patient family on integrity.

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Our exceptional, friendly staff is one of our greatest assets


Patients First.

At our practice we are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care available for people with hearing loss. Once we evaluate your hearing with state of the art equipment and techniques we can recommend the best treatment option for your particular needs.

Choosing the right hearing care professional is the most important decision you will make in your journey towards better hearing.

This is because hearing instruments cannot be prescribed like eye glasses and the proper selection, fitting, and instructional counseling is critical to your success.

At our practice you can rest assured that all of your questions will be answered and that if you need hearing aids you will be completely involved in the process of selecting the products that fit your needs and lifestyle.

Who We Are

Our Staff

We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of hearing healthcare and great patient communication. Each of our staff members is motivated to achieve the best results for our patients in a calming and comfortable setting.


Barbara Greb, Au.D.,C/ABA, CCC/A
Owner, Oconee Audiology

Dr. Greb is a South Carolina licensed Audiologist, certified by the American Board of Audiology (ABA) and the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA). She is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. She has extensive experience in both clinical settings and academics, having worked in private practices, ENT offices and Universities.

Dr. Greb’s main focus has always been on patient education and training. She feels it’s extremely important to have realistic expectations about hearing aids, and to fully understand how to care for them and use listening strategies to improve outcomes. She also focuses on family members to make sure they fully understand the complications that can arise from hearing difficulties and teaches them strategies to cope and to assist their loved ones.

Read More About Dr. Greb

Dr. Greb graduated from Hofstra University in New York in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Speech Pathology. She then moved to St. Louis Missouri and attended Central Institute for the Deaf, a division of Washington University where she received her Master of Science Degree in Audiology in 1991. She completed her fellowship in an ENT (Ear-Nose-Throat) office where she focused on diagnostic testing, balance evaluations, auditory brainstem evaluations and hearing aid services. Following her fellowship, she became the Director of Audiology for another Otolaryngologist (ENT) where she worked for several years. During that time, she had an opportunity to work as a mentor and clinical supervisor for local Audiology students.

In 1997, she relocated back to her home on Long Island, New York where she worked as Director of the Audiology Department for a large ENT office. She began to do seminars and local community outreach, and even created her own Aural Rehabilitation program – a class designed to help hearing aid wearers and their families learn how to get the most out of their hearing aids. Dr. Greb’s main focus has always been on patient education and training. She feels it’s extremely important to have realistic expectations about hearing aids, and to fully understand how to care for them and use listening strategies to improve outcomes. She also focuses on family members to make sure they fully understand the complications that can arise from hearing difficulties and teaches them strategies to cope and to assist their loved ones.

Dr. Greb obtained her clinical doctorate, the Au.D., from AT. Still University in Mesa AZ in 2003. Then, given her passion for education, she became an adjunct professor for St. Joseph’s College and Adelphi University in New York where she taught audiology classes for graduate and post graduate students. This was one of her greatest pleasures and she taught until moving to Pennsylvania in 2011. At that time, she was invited to take a position in Wilmington Delaware as the Director of Audiology for the largest ENT practice in the area where she stayed for almost eight years.

Most recently, Dr. Greb, her husband Steve and their 16 year old Shi Tsu Bella moved to South Carolina and became the new owners of Oconee Audiology. Dr. Greb has always wanted to own her own practice. She has worked as an Audiologist for over 28 years in medical offices and hearing aid clinics. She has now realized her dream of practice ownership which allows her to provide exceptional care and compassion and take customer service to a whole new level. She and Steve have wanted to move south for a long time to enjoy the warmer weather and get away from the snow in the North East. They love their new home and are enjoying creating a new life in South Carolina.

Dr. Greb is certified by the American Board of Audiology. The American Board of Audiology (ABA), an autonomous organization, is dedicated to improving audiologic services to the public by promulgating and promoting universally recognized standards in professional practice. The ABA encourages audiologists to exceed these prescribed standards, thereby promoting and encouraging a high level of professional development and ethical practice. (NIH: 2017) She is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association.

Sarah Moseley-Nowell
Patient Care Coordinator

Sarah has worked with Oconee Audiology for the past three years as Administrative Assistant and now Patient Care Coordinator. She is a native of the area so she knows a lot of our patients and their families and therefore is highly invested in their satisfaction and happiness with our practice. She is friendly, courteous, enthusiastic and excited about each day which carries over to her interactions with everyone who comes through our doors. Her willingness to assist is commendable and appreciated by everyone.

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Our Office

Welcome to Oconee Audiology.  Dr. Greb and her Patient Care Coordinator, Sarah are committed to providing individuals and families with comprehensive, personalized hearing care. We make it our mission to provide you with a different experience in hearing care. Patients who come to our office are often pleasantly surprised by the supportive, positive, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere in our office.

Better Hearing Starts Here

Your Journey to Better Hearing

Starts with your very first visit to our office.  Our mission is to improve the health of those we serve with a commitment to excellence in all that we do. Our goal is to offer quality care and services that set community standards, exceed patients’ expectations and are provided in a caring, convenient, cost-effective and accessible manner.

Better Hearing Starts Here

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“Barbara Greb is an outstanding audiologist.  She helped me and many immensely with their hearing issues.  Barbara had great respect (she earned it) from the physicians with whom she worked.  One otolaryngologist told me, “Barbara is the best.”  

Ted K., M.D.

Dr. Greb is a pleasure to work with, she won’t pressure you to purchase something you don’t need.  She wants you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase. Although Dr. Greb is very relatable, she’s also very professional.”

L. Thompson

I love love LOVE my new hearing aids!  i know my hearing test scores didn’t show I needed much, but this is exactly what I DID need!  It’s hard to imagine now why anyone would put off getting them – they so improve my daily life!  Thank you!

Susan J.

“I cannot adequately express my praise for Dr Greb and her services. My entire experience from hearing evaluation through purchase of my hearing aids was relaxed and FUN! Dr Greb helped me select the perfect hearing aids to meet my needs, and life has been so much richer now that I can hear everything that is going on around me. My hearing aids are simple to use, charge and maintain, and they are very effective. Thank you Dr Greb for all you are doing for those with hearing loss!!.”

S. Webster

I’m in my 80’s and have had experience with hearing aids. Not good until now. Then I found Oconee Audiology. Dr. Barbara Greb has been awesome. And The entire staff is professional and a pleasure to deal with. I’m really happy with the Signia product and Oconee Audiology’s fitting, setup and service. The new hearing aids have improved my quality of life tremendously and every time my wife asks me a question I don’t have say ‘what?’ Happy wife, happy life. Thanks Dr. Greb and staff!

Alex S.

Dr. Greb, Thank you for the extra effort replacing the right side hearing aid and replacing the earmolds. You nailed it. Everything is spot on and is working extremely well. I mentioned before, as a 50 year hearing aid wearer veteran, I continue to hear sounds for the first time in my life. Without the proper HA – HA settings {REM) – your experience or knowledge to understand my hearing needs I would have never known what sounds I’ve been missing. Both you and Sarah should know what an amazing experience it was to listen to the worship music at church the other Sunday. I stood and took in sounds of new musical instrments that I’ve never heard before and I noticed new beautiful singing voices with great deal of clarity that otherwise must have been buried in the noise previously. While I listened to the new sounds I closed my eyes and soaked in the feeling of something new like it was my first Christmas. I am so grateful to God for that experience and for finding you guys at the right audiology office. I booked 2 tickets for my wife and I to see Lauren Daigle in Febr ’20! I can’t wait to hear her voice! Thank you both for your excellent service!

Mike G.

Oconee Audiology

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