5 Things to Know Before Buying Hearing Aids

Older man thinking about purchasing hearing aids

You’ve decided to get your hearing checked.  Your friends and family have been noticing a problem for years. You’re prepared for the test results to indicate that you do have a hearing loss.  If you’d also like to be ready for the next step in the process, hearing aids, then this article is for you.

What to Know Before Buying Hearing Aids

Will hearing aids work for me?

If you have an aidable hearing loss then yes, hearing aids will work for you.  How much help you’ll receive will depend on the following:

  • How long you’ve had a hearing loss
  • How you lost your hearing
  • Your overall health
  • And a few other factors we will discuss during your visit

Will I need two hearing aids?

If you have a problem hearing in both ears (and that’s the rule, not the exception) then 99% of the time the answer to the question is yes.  Two ears provide balanced hearing, the ability to localize sound, more relaxed listening and better understanding of speech in noise.

How much should hearing aids cost?

Just like everything else you buy, there are costs associated with this purchase that are difficult to measure.  Typically larger retail centers and online retailers are cheaper than smaller independent practice owners.  However, like everything else, this comes at a cost.  The lack of support, lack of guidance in the adjustment to the hearing aid, and the overall limited customer service are typically what you sacrifice.  That’s ok when it comes to buying a pair of shoes, but not ok when it comes to a medical device designed to improve your ability to hear.

Will everyone know I’m wearing hearing aids?

Maybe they will and maybe they won’t.  But they already notice that you can’t hear.  More people will notice that you have a problem hearing then will ever see that you’re wearing hearing aids.

Can I “test drive” hearing aids?

Ask when you call, but the answer is usually yes.  Are you taking it for a test-drive it to see if it works?  No, you’re taking it for a test drive for the same reason you test drive a car, to see if it’s the right “fit” for you and if it’s not then “test-drive” another one.

I hope you decide to get your hearing checked.  And if you have a problem, I hope you choose to do something about it for yourself and your friends and family.